Our house

Our story

In the heart of the Côte des Blancs, where the vines stretch like living poems, since 1872, from father to son and from mother to daughter, the Pernet & Pernet family has passed down their knowledge of the vine. André, Michel, Jeanine then Nadine, all listened to his secrets whispered in the breath of the wind. Know-how and know-how passed down from generation to generation to extract the quintessence of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Established between Vertus and Ambonnay, our vineyard acquired over the decades conceals excellent Terroirs and Lieux-Dits. Today, with this heritage, Marion, Kurt, Romain and Léo form the new generation of winegrowers who create wines in the image of their family; passionate, friendly and timeless.

Birth of the Pernet vineyard

André Pernet at the end of the First World War consolidates and replants the partly destroyed vineyard. He will be decorated with the medal of Agricultural Merit and Social Merit. 1946 – Michel Pernet, at the end of the Second World War, reunited Jeanine Pernet’s Ambonnay vineyard with his own at Vertus and then bought plots in order to make the exploitation we know today of around 9 hectares . Well known in the region, he participated in the creation of several cooperatives and chaired the Brotherhood of Saint-Vincent for a time.

Nadine Pernet takes over the reins of the house, succeeding her father Michel Pernet.

Her daughter Marion and her partner Kurt breathe new life by taking over the leadership of the House following the death of Nadine Pernet. Romain, Marion’s brother, takes care of the vineyard. Home winemaking, the transition to organic viticulture as well as the opening of a restaurant are the approaches chosen to improve the quality of the champagnes and the offering that we offer.

Major investments are made for a new winery, a new press and better infrastructure. The transition to biodynamic viticulture began while Marion’s brother, Léo Allais-Pernet, became a partner-operator.

Our vision

Today, through the triptych “Respect for the land, people and life”, we advocate excellence in order to perfect moments of sharing and celebration. Like modern alchemists, we transform each harvest into a symphony of flavors awakening the palate to unsuspected nuances. The family table, a gastronomic jewel, serves as a laboratory where subtle alliances between vintages and dishes unfold. From the work in the vineyard, to the culinary pairing, we elevate what each terroir gives us until we obtain an exceptional champagne.


Our expertise

We work the vines with total respect for vegetative cycles and living organisms. From gentle pruning to night-time harvesting, to avoid the heat of the juices, our approach is to take the greatest care at each step necessary for the creation of a quality vintage. Our heritage and Champagne tradition give our bottles authenticity and unique character. We want to convey a tasting experience that arouses emotion and lasting memories.



So many terroirs expressing themselves with authenticity



Organically grown


Years of human history

Unique and traditional know-how


Grape varieties

90 % Charonnay 10 % Pinot Noir

Our vineyards

Our family vineyard contains excellent Premier and Grand Cru terroirs between Vertus and Ambonnay. With an average age of 35 years, our Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs perfectly reveal the chalky soils of the Côte des Blancs. Cultivated organically and biodynamically, our vines produce grapes harvested at the peak of their maturity in order to extract the quintessence of the fruit. Particular attention is paid to each plot and each vine, all seasons of the year.